The SUPERTrike, in a class all by itself is a totally new lightweight fiberglass high-tech electronic Environmental Fitness transportation system where Riders peddle around town with their arms AND their legs. This uses 95% of the Rider’s muscle mass which makes this a perfect outdoor full-body all in one cardio/strength exercise. Couple this with its large sealed trunk to become the most efficient and certainly the fastest Human Electric Motor assist Hybrid Conveyance vehicle ever built and yet still categorize it as a bicycle under state and federal bicycle laws.

Lightweight Fiberglass

Easily molds into very aerodynamic design. Fiberglass’ high strength and low weight make it ideal for applications where the finished product needs to be as light and strong as possible. Designers of racecars and high-end sports gear turn to fiberglass for these same properties that set the SUPERTrike in a class by itself.

Full Body Propulsion Effort

The SUPERTrike is the only bike to use the entire full-body Arms & Legs effort to increase its speed, efficiency and fitness generating heart pounding results.

Electric Power Steering

Since arms are used in the forward motion of the SUPERTrike, a sophisticated electric power steering design allows for forward propulsion and effortless steering

Big Comfortable Seat and Backrest

Sitting comfortably in a racing type seat with backrest makes even longer trips seem fun and enjoyable.