01 How is the HeartBeater different from other E-Trikes?

The HeartBeater SUPERTrikes are totally different in their electronic sophistication speed and efficiency. Other major differences are that it is the desired full-body workout compared to legs only making it faster and more powerful than other bikes. Its big comfortable seat with backrest is not found on any other bike nor is its ability to carry 8 cubic feet of items in its uniquely large trunk. On top of all of this, The Global Heartbeater Project thanks every Rider who refers other customers with a $100 Referral Spiff down through their lifetime of 12 tiers

02 Why do I have to eat the Paleo Diet, and not just ride the bike?

The only reason one would eat Paleo is to increase their health and wellbeing because Paleo is NOT a diet, it is the knowledge of which foods the body recognizes as food to improve our health and which foods are the body does not recognize as foods thereby causing disease. Heart Disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, weight problems and the like are the body’s reaction to a poor Lifestyle and therefore regular exercise especially from such a powerful workout as the SUPERTrike coupled with eating only those Paleo foods the body recognizes as food will always have a rejuvenative effect of greatly and quickly improving health. The SUPERTrike is half the cure, Paleo is the other half. Together they synergistically accomplish so much more than either could ever do alone.

03 What kind of fuel does the HeartBeater use?

The SUPERTrikes are a Human-electric assist hybrid that can run on human full-body peddling power only, or 20 MPH using the 750 watt electric assist motor only and reach speeds in the 40 to 50 MPH using the motor with full bore peddling. Although most Riders will recharge its batteries at night when the utility rates are a fraction of the day’s rates, but some will recharge them using solar panels. Since its batteries can be recharged using solar panels, the SUPERTrike is never without full power even if there is no fossil fuel available or the electric grid goes down.

04 How do I refer people, and make money with HeartBeater?

There is an unquestionable statistical correlation between how often one rides their SUPERTrike and how many people they refer to the www.heartbeater.com website to purchase their own SUPERTrike listing you as the customer-Rider who referred them. Everyone will have these “Try My Trike” Referral Cards that they keep in their glovebox to hand out to everyone showing an interest in obtaining their own Trike. Any referral a Rider makes is their referral for life. Any referral their referrals make down through 12 tiers is also embedded for life. No Rider can ever lose any of their referrals down through their 12 tiers meaning that their Referral Network continues to grow exponentially for the rest of their lives and beyond earning $100 for each referral.

05 How can the HeartBeater afford to be so...affordable?

This question can be answered a number of different ways, the most important is your health and body image. How much is that worth to perfect this? The SUPERTrike will replace and do a better job for its Riders than any other health and fitness strategy available today. In addition to this is the potential aspect of referring other customers for each Rider to build a large exponentially growing LifeTime 12 tier Referral Network over the rest of their lives and beyond.

No other Hi-Tech Full-Body Environmental Fitness company of any kind thinks its customers for simply referring other customers thereby allowing them to earn back many times the wholesale cost of the SUPERTrike over the months and years of riding it.