It's all about a Green Planet and your Wealth

Now, there is a Viable Option to leaving your Toxic fuel burning vehicle home when running to the stores and all around town in a Hi-Tech, Super Comfortable, Efficient, Full Body, Environmental Fitness Conveyance SUPERTrike® for a lot less than you’d expect to pay...

The Heartbeater® has been in Research & Development for twelve years. At a time most of it's development took place at the University of Texas' top-12 Engineering School in Austin, Texas. We also Researched & Studied the perfect cost-effective Global Internet Direct Marketing Plan that would Handsomely-Reward our satisfied Riders simply for referring others.

The Better Life Foundation is a Panamanian NON-Profit Foundation which delivers SUPERTrikes® to its Riders for its hard costs only. This allows us to sell at a price low enough for many around the globe to afford one. We also decline very expensive Global Patenting to further reduce our retail price so low that Competition will not be able to match us. We deliver More Technology than people expect for less money than people would think to pay.


We use a small Budget Internet Marketing, Direct Ship strategy over typical Warehouse Distribution for Heartbeater® because it allows us to then budget two to three times as much for Manufacturing as other Bike and Fitness companies. Our large MFG budget offers our Riders a Far Superior, truly Exceptional High-Technology Feature-Rich product for about the same price as our competition's Plain Jane models.

To help encourage our Riders to promote the SUPERTrike, we offer a $50 Referral SPIFF. We provide this $50 Referral SPIFF for a full 12-Tiers deep, It is NOT MLM because you just Refer, not Sell and receive Rebate Spiff's, not Commissions.